The SnörEx® is a custom made snoring mouthpiece. The SnörEx® stabilizes the soft palate and prevents the tongue from sagging. As a result, the airway is free and vibration (snoring) is prevented, making the SnörEx® the most effective snoring treatment of the last 30 years. There is no operation involved. You only need to wear SnörEx® at night. Swallowing and talking remains possible.

The SnörEx® has been made since 1991 and is one of the first snoring mouthpieces in Europe. The SnörEx is uniquely made for you by our qualified specialists in our laboratory.

During the free first consultation our experts make an imprint of your teeth and start crafting the personalised SnörEx mouth piece. The exact fitting and manual production is crucial because the mouth is as unique as a finger print. At collection , the last fine-tuning takes place and then the tongue retaining device is ready to go.

The SnörEx® is comfortable to wear after a short habituation and very effective. The SnörEx® can also be used with prosthesis carriers. The SnörEx does not give any painful jaw position change and / or jaw joint complaints.


Purchasing a SnörEx®

When purchasing a SnörEx® you will receive the following: