Costs WatchPAT®

The costs for the WatchPAT are as follows:

  • The first consultation is free of charge so we can discuss whether a sleep study is necessary.
  • If we decide together that a sleep study applies to you, we reserve the WatchPAT for you and ask for a down payment of € 100. We will also schedule an appointment for picking up the WatchPAT.
  • When you pick up the WatchPAT you will need to pay the remaining amount of €275.
  • After 1 night of sleep with the WatchPAT you return the WatchPAT. You will receive the results of the sleep test by mail and by email. We also schedule a consultation by phone to discuss the results.

A sleep test with the WatchPAT® is relevant:

  • In case of a suspicion of apnea
  • Second opinion