Costs SnörEx® LadySnore

The costs for a SnörEx® LadySnore are as follows:

  • The first consultation is free of charge so that we can see if we can help you and you can choose if you want to go ahead.
  • If you decided to purchase a custom made SnörEx®, we ask for a deposit of €395, -.
  • When picking up your SnörEx® we ask for the remaining amount of € 550, -.

You can also lease the SnörEx® LadySnore:

  • We require a deposit of € 395, -
  • You pay € 17.95 per month during the period that you own SnörEx® LadySnore.
  • With the SnörEx® Lease Plan (SLP) you are entitled to full service and warranty on SnörEx® LadySnore.
  • You can stop the lease plan at any time provided you have had an adjustment to the SnörEx® LadySnore 3 times.
  • It is not possible to later convert the lease plan into a purchase.

NOTE: Borrowing money costs money. (The SnörEx® LadySnore lease plan is always more expensive than buying the SnörEx® directly.)